Welcome to the exeterkneesurgeon website. This website will provide the information about Mr. Vipul Mandalia's background and the treatment offered. 

Mr. Mandalia is a specialist sports injury and joint replacement knee surgeon and aims to provide the highest quality of care to his patients by incorporating surgical techniques learnt during the fellowship training in the USA and the UK. He ensures he is up to date with cutting edge technology by attending national and international meetings as well as actively participating in research activities within the various fields of knee surgery.

Mr. Mandalia's philosophy in the treatment of knee disorders is to optimise the biology of the knee joint. He aims to repair, regenerate or reconstruct damaged knee structures (meniscus, joint surface cartilage and cruciate ligaments) where appropriate. When the damage to the knee structures is severe (e.g. arthritis) but localised to the limited part of the knee joint, he performs partial knee replacement of the arthritic part only and preserves the biology of the remaining normal knee joint. This helps patients to regain increased levels of activity. He uses advanced knee replacement design and technology including computer navigation when performing knee replacement

Mr. Mandalia provides individualised care to the patient appropriate to the patient's life style and the demand on the knee joint. He makes sure patients fully understand the nature of the underlying knee problem, its long-term effect on their life style and the treatment options available, either surgical or nonsurgical.

You really are a very talented surgeon and I am very grateful to you
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